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"After my first counseling session, my despair and uncertainty was replaced with hope and confidence as a fresh start for our marriage." - Female client, in counseling for marital and family issues

"Counseling has changed the way I view myself and how I respond to the world around me.  I have learned to be aware of my feelings.  I look forward to being the person God wants me to be." - Keith, 28, in counseling for stress

"Counseling encouraged me in my relationship with Jesus Christ by being freed from addictions and also overcome shame and guilt." - Karlene, 71, in therapy for addiction

"I returned to New Leaf because I felt I was at the end of my rope, emotionally, both with myself and with my daughter.  Counseling has helped me learn the tools I need to effectively manage the stressors in my life.  It has helped to normalize certain life situations, as well as work through the not-so-normal ones. I always feel "evened-out" and more level-headed after my (counseling) sessions.  I feel hopeful."   - Melissa, 34, in counseling for family dynamics, depression

"I am learning to value myself as the wonderful person God made." -Sharon, 70, in counseling for depression, marital problems.

"New Leaf's support got me through life. If there is a doubt one needs help, go get it.  There's no stigma on those that seek help." - Female client, 65, in counseling for panic attacks

"(Counseling) has made a huge difference!  I no longer suffer from chest pains, I have learned skills to cope with physical stress and continue to learn and let go of past hurts and hang-ups.  I can move past stressful situations much quicker without feeling overwhelmed."  - Female client, 27, in counseling for anxiety, stress and depression

"I was scared.  My life seemed to be falling apart all around me.  That’s when my friend suggested I visit New Leaf.  (Now I was really terrified!)  Picking up the phone to make an appointment seemed so hard- having to admit that I didn’t have my life all together.  But I’m so glad that I did!  The staff at New Leaf truly cared about me & offered solid, Christian guidance.  ~ By far the best decision I could have made! ~ Even though life’s situations are still challenging, I’m in a totally different place now & am so encouraged by the difference I see in myself!   What a blessing New Leaf has been – GOD TRULY PROVIDES!  I look back now & wonder, why was I so afraid to call in the first place?" - former client

“Our marriage would not have survived without your insight and patient guidance.” - now happily married couple

“Play therapy is good because while you are playing you can make up things to help you. It can get your mind off things. Play therapy is fun to do. Sometimes we play games to get your mind off stuff, for fun, and it helps you find ways to deal with things going on in your life. Some of the things we have done are card games, drawing, and other games. It has made me better at getting my feelings out. It made it easier to express my feelings to other people. It helped me express feelings to my parents like I did with my dad. It helped because then I didn’t have to think about it any more. Other kids should get play therapy because it is fun and helpful, and they will like it.” - 13-year-old girl

"Therapy has made all the difference in my life.  It saved my sanity and has given me the balance to function in a healthy full life.  I have an understanding of myself I didn't have before.  I have much more compassion and understanding for people."  - Kathy, 61, in therapy for repressed memories

“You saved my daughter’s life, thank you!” - mother of 18-year-old

"New Leaf helped put things in perspective for me and led me to find the confidence and courage so I was able to make healthy choices during a tough time in my life. Of equal importance, it also equipped me to make better choices in the years which have followed." - Allison, 21-year-old college student

“New Leaf has helped me get a different perspective on life, on me and on others. They have helped me to reflect and challenge my thinking and the way I do life. I have gone through my depression and came out the other side enjoying life even more. Do I regress? At times, but I don’t stay as long nor as deep because I have tools now. The ability to question my thinking and find out what the real TRUTH is.” - A 50-year-old female

“The time, energy, and genuine care that you have generously given has been life saving to me.” - a 30-year-old mother of two

“God led me to New Leaf through two friends who had been helped there. It is normal to be anxious about making the initial call and as soon as I talked to the person that assigned me to a therapist, I felt tremendous peace. Everyone who works there cares deeply about others and you will know that immediately. Going through therapy creates necessary pain to reach the ultimate healing needed to find joy again. God used New Leaf to help me find myself again, the Bible to assure me of His love for me and a fresh start for the future. Praise God! If you are fighting the battle, “I’m strong enough to do this on my own”; know that you are strongest when you feel the weakest. Trust in God and receive the help He offers. Pray and make the call, your life will be blessed because of it."  - Becky, a former client

"Real people giving real practical answers to problems." - Howard, 46, in counseling for a parenting agreement

“The counselor validated my feelings. I was also taught how to have self-confidence and that I am valued. I learned that I have post-traumatic stress disorder which made so many things I do make sense. I’ve learned to talk things through; share feelings; bite the bullet and do things that are frightening; and how to work through panic attacks. I look forward to speaking in public and singing on the Praise Team!! I also look forward to mentoring other women with addictions or unhealthy relationships.”  
- Judy, 56, former client in therapy for grief counseling/panic disorder

"With time and patience no wound is too deep or obstacle too big for God." - Jude, 59

"Counseling has given me self-confidence, picked me up when I was really down, helped me to say the word "no" and has always made me feel like (the counselors) are there for me whenever I need to talk." - Marilan, 69

"I've learned to accept what happened to me and deal with my problems in a healthy way instead of bottling them all up."  - Heather, 16, violence victim

"I am understanding how the "whys" behind a lot of my depression/OCD/anxiety and how certain life events have caused or affected these symptoms.  Just coming to a place of understanding is starting to bring so much peace and knowledge." - Female client, 28

"I am no longer afraid to express my feelings.  I don't just "clam up" like I used to do.  I don't bottle my feelings.  I speak up to defend my thoughts and feelings.  I can express my feelings in appropriate ways." - Male client, 51 going through a divorce

Found Hope…

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