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Family Resources

When you are struggling with an issue pertaining to your family, you can be overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do or where to turn. New Leaf Resources strives to provide you with the most helpful information to assist you through this trying period.

Helpful Articles

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Back to School Agony

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Recommended Reading

Active Parenting of Teens Parent’s Guide
by Michael H. Popkin

Always Wear Clean Underwear: And Other Ways Parents Say ‘I Love You’
by Marc Gellman

And Then I Had Teenagers
by Susan Alexander Yates

by Cloud and Townsend

Boundaries with Teens
by Dr. John Townsend

Children in Difficulty
by Elliot and Place

Closing the Gap: A Strategy for Bringing Parents & Teens Together
by Jay McGrath

Liberated Parents, Liberated Children: Your Guide to a Happier Family
by Adele Farber & Elaine Mazlosh

Lonely, Sad & Angry: How to Help Your Unhappy Child
by Barbara D. Ingersoll & Sam Goldstein

Love is a Family
by Roma Downey

Mom & Me: Single Parent Activity Book
by Jim & Joan Boulden

Parenting Today’s Adolescent
by Dennis & Barbara Rainey

Raising Resilient Children
by Robert Brooks

The Art of Forgiving
by Lewis Smedes

The Hidden Wisdom of Parents
by Samuel Osherson

The Parent’s Handbook
by Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., Gary D. McKay & Don Dinkmeyer, Jr.

The Smart Step-Family
by Ron L. Deal

The Strong-Willed Child
by Dr. James Dobson

The Twelve Gifts of Birth
by Charlene Costano

When Helping You is Hurting Me
by Carmen Renee Berry

Staff Reviews

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day
by Judith Viorst
“…is one of my all time favorite books for children old enough to sit through it (and even for all adults)!  It's really helpful to acknowledge that sometimes we all have days when everything that could go wrong does, and can help a child to talk about the things that go wrong in their world and how they feel about it. As a counselor, I've come to firmly believe that when we talk about problems and concerns, we are then better able to cope with them--the burden is acknowledged and shared. Children do not instinctively know how to deal with feelings, so this book is a tool for helping them talk and normalizing a really bad day--and a great choice for the children you buy for at Christmas!”  - Former Staff Therapist Linda Culver
Available at

Secret of the Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman
“…is ideal for school age children. It tells the story of a boy who encounters a school bully and learns to work through his fear, but peacefully and without resorting to violence. He makes a few helpful friends with insights along the way. It shows how one can learn problem solving and is helpful to see things a different way. (This one is actually also really good for adults too!) This book is a Benjamin Franklin Award winner.”  - Former Staff Therapist Linda Culver
Available at