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Our Mission

To promote healthy relationships, personal growth and healing through professional counseling, education and consultation from a Christian perspective.


Our Philosophy

We believe that all people are created in God’s image and have immeasurable value, regardless of their life circumstances. As an organization and as individuals, we openly acknowledge our own brokenness and dependence on God’s healing grace and love in our lives. We believe that God works compassionately in the lives of people, calling and equipping us to participate in this ministry. There is a grace at work, the movement of God’s redemptive activity which calls upon the gifts, skills, training and experience of the staff to encourage, promote and facilitate this process of healing in our broken world. We seek to bring Christ-like care, restoration and hope in a manner which is sensitive to the complexity of the human condition, which includes the mental, emotional, physiological, social and spiritual dimensions.


We believe that ministry grows out of community. The quality of our staff life and the health of our organizational functioning are directly correlated with the quality of care we have to offer. In this ministry we seek to proclaim and embody God’s forgiving and reconciling love. It is our goal that God’s ministry of grace and love be reflected in our self-care, our communal life, and in the lives of those we serve.