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Everyone has unique skills, resources, and ways of helping.

We're often humbled when help presents itself from unexpected places.

Can you introduce our ministry to new opportunities? Can you volunteer your skill and time to do something we can't quite rationalize in the budget?  Maybe something collecting dust in your basement is just what one of our offices needs?

Listed below are items which would be of great benefit to our counselors, clients and community:


  • ‘Teen Table’ - for our teen space, ~3ft x 3ft.
  • Smart TVs - for Crown Point & Lansing - for conference rooms
  • Loveseats - for therapy offices
  • Picnic Table - for Lansing
  • Conference Tables - all offices
  • Stamps - for mailings
  • Candy - good for giving away at parades or trunk-or-treat events
  • Items/Gift Baskets - to be auctioned off for fundraising


  • Redecorating group room in Lansing - paint, decor, seating
  • Fenced-in outdoor seating area on concrete - for Lansing


  • Speaking engagements for therapists, related to:
    • Mental health
    • Marriage
    • Faith
  • Teaching opportunities with mental health focus
    • Art
  • Marketing opportunities for:
    • Our ministry
    • Therapists' projects
      • Podcasts
      • Blogs
      • Community involvement


  • Individuals who may want to support our mission
    • Potential therapists, interns, part-time help, volunteers, board members
  • Donors interested in our mission
  • Businesses or vendors interested in our mission
  • Partnering organizations

For More Information
Please contact us at (708) 895-7310 or

New Leaf Resources is a recognized 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization.
All donations to New Leaf Resources are tax deductible.