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New Client Forms

Please read through the entire packet of information. You can either print the blank paperwork and fill it out by hand or you can answer the forms on your computer and then print out the completed documents. When couples or other family members are attending counseling together, each adult attending any session must complete both a "Consent and Agreement for Treatment" form (page 4 of adult packet, page 5 of minor packet), and each minor attending any session must have a completed "Consent for Treatment of a Minor" form (page 4 of minor packet), for the therapists' records.  It is also helpful for the therapist to have a "Client Data Sheet" (pages 5-6 of adult packet) and a "Client Data Sheet - Youth" (pages 6-7 of minor packet) for each person attending therapy, although these forms are only required for the primary client. Please remember to bring all of your paperwork to your first appointment.  Thank you.


Please note:  If you are having difficulty viewing these files, we recommend trying a different browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) or downloading the form(s) to your computer.  You need the newest version of Adobe Reader to view these forms.  Adobe Reader is free and available at: