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Addiction RecoveryMegan's Mosaic, is a blog for addiction recovery topics and resources. Written by former Addiction Therapist Megan Fisher, this forum addressed the unique needs of each individual through a holistic and spiritually guided approach to addiction treatment.

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Who is Brene Brown?

October 03, 2013
By Megan Fisher, MHS, CAADC

Oprah and Brené Brown are teaming up for an exciting new online course.  Everyone knows Oprah, but who is Brené Brown?  Well, she’s pretty famous in the social sciences world and she’s spent the majority of her career studying, writing about, and speaking on vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.  Her New York Times bestselling book The Gifts of Imperfection discusses how to live life from the perspective ‘I am enough’ without the need to constantly perform and achieve.  I have read this book and other works by Brown and I highly recommend her writings.  Any project launched by this dynamic duo should prove to be quite interesting and soul-searching.