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Christians care deeply about the family unit. Both the Old and New Testaments emphasize the importance of family. Grandmothers and grandfathers are honored as God’s covenant partners to provide love
and care for the next generation. We are all part of God’s Family.

New Leaf Foundation works intentionally to pass on family values and concern for healthy families to the next generations. Thousands of people have received quality Christian counseling and support even when they struggled financially. The Foundation established a fund (using only dividends and interest), to ease the burden of those who need help for their family problems. We hope that by being good stewards today, we may be able to provide quality Christian counseling tomorrow.  We are well aware that there are numerous wonderful Christian causes that also deserve your attention. We ask you to consider a gift to the New Leaf Foundation to promote our continued care for struggling children, marriages in trouble, bereaved persons who need support and counsel and many others who need Christian counseling but are without resources.